Saitama is pleased to announce a significant change in its ownership structure. In a unanimous decision, the founding members have entrusted their peer Mkay to run Saitama from now on, as they have transitioned to an advisory role. Mkay, one of the founding members of Saitama is the sole director of Saitama Technology LLC. This transition marks an exciting new chapter in Saitama's journey while maintaining utmost respect and appreciation for the departing partners who have played a pivotal role in the company's history.

The decision to appoint Mkay - a seasoned industry expert with a proven track record- as the sole owner of Saitama comes after careful consideration and reflects the shared vision for the company's future. Mkay's dedication, expertise, and proven track record within the industry make him the perfect choice to lead Saitama into the next phase of its growth and development.

It is important to note that their new roles will not hold control over day-to-day decision-making, and their deep knowledge and dedication to Saitama will continue to be a valuable asset as they will be part of the advisory roles.

“Change is inevitable, and as we move on to this new phase, I will ensure a smooth and transparent transition. And with that, I am excited to lead Saitama and our community towards a future of innovation and groundbreaking achievements.”- Says Mkay.

Under Mkay's leadership, Saitama will continue to:

  1. Prioritise Customer Satisfaction: Saitama's customers have always been at the heart of what the company does, and it will continue to provide top-notch products and services that exceed customer expectations.

  2. Drive Innovation: Saitama is committed to staying at the forefront of Web 3.0 technology, pushing boundaries, and developing groundbreaking solutions that bring convenience and accessibility to the users' lives.

  3. Maintain Transparency: Open and honest communication has been a hallmark of Saitama, and the organisation will ensure that this tradition continues under Mkay's leadership.

  4. Support the Community: Saitama's success is built on the support of the incredible community, and the company remains dedicated to giving back, supporting charitable initiatives, and fostering a sense of belonging among users.


While the departing partners take on advisory roles, it is important to underline that this transition is rooted in appreciation for their past contributions and a shared vision of Saitama's continued success under Mkay's capable leadership.

“I would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to the founding partners for their dedication and hard work in establishing the innovative ecosystem of Saitama”- Mkay.

Saitama wants to thank the community for their trust and support over the years, and ensures a new and exciting future ahead.


Saitama is a Web 3.0 technology company committed to simplifying and securing decentralised finance (DeFi) for mainstream users. At the core of Saitama's vision lies "Crypto for everyone." The company is dedicated to integrating cryptocurrency into daily life, empowering individuals with the freedom to manage their investments and assets, thus enhancing their overall convenience and control. 

Saitama's overarching mission is to actively seek and cultivate business opportunities on a global scale, with a commitment to elevating its brand presence to achieve recognition on the international stage. It aims to serve as a catalyst for innovation, channelling its efforts towards generating maximum impact in the realm of Web3.