SaitaChain- Weaving Unparalleled Security & Speed into Your Blockchain Experience

SaitaChain- Weaving Unparalleled Security & Speed into Your Blockchain Experience


Welcome to the world of revolutionary engineering and technology. Here, we innovate, create, and elevate experiences to a level that is unmatched. It all started with SaitaCard, followed by XBridge, and now we proudly introduce SaitaChain- forging a connection between you and a future of speed and security. Saitama is where innovation thrives, and that’s why our offerings transcend anything else. SaitaChain is our latest technological marvel—a disruptive layer 1 public blockchain that is bound to be a game-changer in the Saitama ecosystem.

The New Revolutionary Realm of Layer 1 Blockchain

Saitama has always adhered to three fundamental principles: innovation, convenience, and security, and our layer 1 blockchain embodies these principles with uncompromising financial security at its core. SaitaChain is the link that has been long missing in the world of digital finances and transactions. Beyond its remarkable security features, it promises a multitude of use cases. Currently in development, SaitaChain is on the verge of making a substantial impact.

Blockchain For Financial Transactions

As we anticipate these new comings, our native digital currency- Saitama Token, is poised to grow and witness tremendous value. Moreover, SaitaChain assures an array of benefits and a prompt delivery of them. Imagine a world where transactions are done at warp speed, thousands per second. All while keeping fees at a minimum and fortifying the blockchain's security. SaitaChain is your golden ticket to a future of seamless, secure, and efficient blockchain transactions. Join us on this journey, and be part of something extraordinary!


The Next Step in the Realm of Revolution.

Phase 1: Alpha Launch

In the Alpha phase, the community gets its first hands-on experience of the blockchain. This will be a testing ground for developers and enthusiasts to explore the system's features, provide feedback, and influence the next phase of development.

Phase 2: Beta Launch

As we move into the Beta phase, the community's involvement continues to be instrumental. Here, they can use the blockchain for development and get a real feel for the system. Feedback from this phase will help shape its evolution.

Phase 3: Testnet Launch + Faucet

Phase 3 brings the action to a new level. The Testnet Launch empowers the community to develop dApps, fine-tune the system's aesthetics, and seamlessly integrate with Saitaswap and Saitapro. This phase emphasizes collaboration and creativity. In addition, we will conduct Hackathons, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and bug bounty programs to enhance security and gather valuable developer input to improve various aspects of the blockchain.

Phase 4: Mainnet Launch

This is where we hit the big home run! Phase 4 will signify the official Mainnet launch, bringing to life all our hard work, your efforts, and our collective vision!

Regarding the timeline, the alpha launch is slated for November to December. Subsequent launches will depend on the feedback from the community and the professional services program.


As we set ourselves on this exciting journey towards the future of blockchain technology, we invite you to be part of something extraordinary. Join us in shaping the next generation of innovation, convenience, and security with SaitaChain. Together, we can create a seamless, secure, and efficient blockchain ecosystem.