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SaitaChain Coin (STC) Contract Address: 0x19Ae49B9F38dD836317363839A5f6bfBFA7e319A

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Life is too good to be stressed out over crypto. At SaitaChain, we make it easy by seamlessly integrating crypto into your daily routine. Experience its true power whenever you dine out, shop, or send money to friends. Join us today and discover how we’re simplifying your finances and making the things you love even better with crypto.



Our Utility Coin

With a steady stream of new utilities and use cases being released and adding value for its holders, the SaitaChain Coin is rapidly emerging as a powerful force in the crypto world. Our coin is set to power a brand-new finance-oriented blockchain, open up a world of exciting possibilities for our users.

Slide through, do your research and start holding SaitaChain today to join us.

The SaitaChain Coin At A Glace

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Products & Utilities


Made For

Made for convenience with SaitaPro, your non-custodial wallet—your keys, your money.


Made For

Effortlessly ship anything, anywhere using crypto with SaitaLogistics—streamlining global logistics by air or sea.


Made For
Real Estate

Made for real estate with SaitaRealty DAO- transforming global real estate with innovative tokenization for a sustainable future.


Made For

Made for trading, secure transactions on SaitaSwap—your trusted gateway to DeFi.


Made For

Made for payment— spend up to 50k USD daily at 60 million+ places globally.

How To Buy SaitaChain Coin



Go to or access it through the SaitaPro app by tapping on ‘Swap’.


Click on Connect and select MetaMask or Wallet connect depending on the wallet you use. On browsers we recommend using the MetaMask Google Chrome plugin.


Make sure you hold a sufficient amount in ETH or BNB for gas fees in your wallet. Depending on the chain for your SaitaChain (STC) transaction.


Select ETH on the top menu and SaitaChain at the bottom. Enter the amount you want to swap to get the amount received


Click on the cogwheel menu and set ‘slippage’ to 2% to make sure the transaction goes through.


Click on ‘Swap’ and approve the transaction in your wallet app or plugin.

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Crypto Made For


1. SaitaPro is a Non-custodial Wallet, Which Means Your Money is 100% In Your Hands. 2. No Middleman. 3. Buy Crypto Easily With Your Card - SaitaPro Integration. 4. Manage Your SaitaCard on SaitaPro. 5. Staking and Farming Pools: Make Your Crypto Work For You. 6. Multiple Levels of Security. 7.Transfer & Bulk Send to Send Money for Family, Friends, Employees and More.


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Install and Compare

SaitaPro is easier to use and safer than other wallets.





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Crypto Can Be Safe

The perception of crypto being unsafe is largely linked to concerns around centralization, with many people believing that it lacks the regulatory oversight and security measures of traditional finance. In Decentralized Finance, individuals can have greater control and security over their crypto assets. Learn how.


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With over two decades years of experience in the field of Finance and Technology, Mkay is the core founding figure of SaitaChain. His unwavering dedication to integrating cryptocurrencies into everyday lives has been the driving force behind SaitaChain success. Through his extensive expertise in launching successful ventures and leading teams towards growth, Mkay’s main goal of motivation is to unlock the full potential of cryptocurrency & provide innovative solutions for mainstream users. Keeping the community at the forefront of SaitaChain inspiration, Mkay is committed to advancing the potential of cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 to new heights.